Below enter molecular
weight of dissolved
Below enter
density of solution
[g/mol] [g/cm3]
[%] [mol/dm3]
Above enter percentage
(by weight) to be
converted into molarity
or   above enter molarity
to be converted
into percentage
Evaluate density
of solution for: 
    Densities are only roughly evaluated (for 20°C)
    and can sometimes differ from their real values.
  • Density evaluation option works only when
    entering percentage.

Using the calculator

The molarity (cm) and percentage (cp) relationship depends on the density of solution (d) along with the molecular weight (M) of the dissolved substance. Two equations depicting the interconversion of these two are as follows:

cm = cp × d / ( 100% × M )

cp = cm × 100% × M / d

Using the formulas above, this calculator allows you to easily recompute the concentration. Just type the values you know into the appropriate fields. Usually we have M and cm or cp. The main problem during calculation is that the density is unknown in most cases. Fortunately, when converting percentage into molarity, the calculator can evaluate the density of solutions for the most popular substances. Just select your substance from the list and its molecular mass will appear in the calculator. Type the percentage value and the evaluated density will be displayed along with the calculated molar concentration.

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